Managed social communities nurturing engaged constituencies.


LLCM: Pathmark's turnkey and bespoke social communities increase owner satisfaction scores with unrivaled ROI.


community safety

Today as never before Pathmark’s community admins are called to protect client communities from misinformation, manipulation, and spam. In 2020 alone admin intervention rose 70% as we moderated out erroneous and dangerous COVID-19 information, political misinformation campaigns, and spam efforts targeting vulnerable consumer groups.


Pathmark’s lessor/lessee community model allows organizations to focus resources and time internally, confident in the knowledge their social media presence is professional, and monitored. 

community integrity

Our professionally administrated communities consistently rank 96th percentile in Facebook’s engagement metrics. Clients and members of their communities value the agenda-free environment of the well-run communities.


The LLCM model provides organizations the ability to adapt and grow as conditions require. This may reflect the emergence of a new platform or technology as we’ve seen with video, ecommerce, webinars, and audio and video teleconferencing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Can we engage you to develop content for our social media channels as well as administrate them?
A: Yes. We do that for over two-thirds of our client base. The calendar and spending level is pre-determined.

Q: Can we buy our group or platform access from Pathmark if we decide to move our social media in-house.
A: Yes. We make this process transparent as we are often engaged to start a brand new community from scratch, grow it, and then turn it over. Twitter, Instagram, Tik Tok each require a $500 transfer fee. A Facebook page and group must go together. The transfer fee is $4000 plus $100 per group member.


Q: What are your content moderation guidelines?
A: These are developed for each specific group, but as a baseline we use hate speech, bullying, proselyting, misinformation, political demagoguery, phishing, spam.

Q: Does someone from our company keep an admin access to the platform?
A: Once you have engaged us, no. Like any other service; accountant, plumber, lawyer, electrician, you brought us in to perform the service. 

Plus custom community application development.

Ask about our proprietary app development for your community and organization.

We can help your community adapt and thrive in the new normal.