If someone tells you they're good at SEO they should be able to show you proof.


A real-life case study about how a strong online presence created by Pathmark Digital helped a small business reach new heights.

This client felt she knew who her competitors were and decided she wanted to be the top dog. We built a new, optimized size that set the standard for her industry. She felt that she was competing for buyers with a similar, well-respected operation called Schraderhaus about 40 miles away. Though she initially trailed her competitors in search rankings the report below shows the progress we made after 60 days.


Pathmark’s SEO strategy for this client extended her effective reach nationally (and even internationally) minimizing any impact of the local competitor(s).

This client’s phone rang at all hours and her voicemail box was full. Her email inbox was also jam-packed of qualified prospects.

Despite a solid influx of international inquiries the client elected not to serve that market due to shipping concerns which we understand.

Below is an actual screenshot of the inbox we monitored the client’s customer inquiry volume in. There was consistent volume and it never let up. In addition to being able to raise her prices, the client felt she was able to choose better quality homes for her dogs.

We wrote a program that would send a personalized response to people inquiring exactly 35 minutes after they wrote in. People were thrilled to receive what the believed to be a personal response and the client’s close rate quadrupled.


Below: The client’s new website got rave reviews on her social media feed, creating viral lift we we also tracked.

As part of our online management program we monitored the client’s site traffic; what keywords generated traffic, how the reacted to site content,  how long they viewed the content, what devices they accessed the site from and and where they came from geographically. We extended her reach well beyond the local competitor she was concerned about.

Part of keeping our client ahead of her perceived competitor was monitoring the performance of the competitor’s site and making sure the client’s side was better optimized, loaded faster, and was mobile-friendly.


The client had been in an expensive program with Main Street Host (MSH), and the annual payment due each January for years made it previously impossible for her to buy her family Christmas gifts.

In this text she shares how Pathmark’s online presence management had changed her family’s life, right down to the return of Christmas and the new Kitchen Aid mixer, Samsung LCD, and Dewalt XR drill given as holiday gifts.

The client was also able to go on a Disneyland vacation and fly first class for the first time ever. Plus she was able to go to Tacoma Dodge Chrysler Jeep and buy a new Grand Caravan with cash.

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